Ok: my name. Well, I've sorta got three at the moment. They are:
Maciel: Basically it's the name I use the most online. After reading Trideos' name origin, I felt it as being oddly familiar: Maciel is a character from a story which I might write, but haven't bothered to. Its plot is really complicated that even I don't know what happens sometimes. Surves me right for not writing it down...
What? Oh, right: The other names:
Zander: Actually, nah. I won't say. It's a secret. Kinda like my gender, in that respect... But I will say that I *didn't* get it from Buffy.
Chiara: Similar thing to Maciel. Oh, yeah, forgot to add I (sort of) found it in a foreign dictionary. I was searching for another interesting name, and up popped Chiara.
I might make up some more names in the future, if I'm bored. How about something relating to my angrogynousnessness?

Admiral Memo

In 9th grade Spanish class, the teacher had us come up with Spanish nicknames for class to get us acclimated to using Spanish. Anyway, I wanted "Miguel", the Spanish form of "Michael", my first name. The problem was that a guy named Micah Farmer took it before I did, since Farmer comes before Moore. Anyway, the teacher gave me another day to find a new name, and I narrowed it down to "Caesar" or "Memo", a nickname of "Guillermo". *winks at Dr. Jonas Bashir* Don't ask me why it's a nickname of Guillermo. I just know it is. Anyway, you know which one I chose. There's a guy from my class named Richard Schmertzler who still calls me "Memo" to this day, even though it was 6 years ago. Anyway, when I began my online life, I thought "Memo" would be a good screen name for me. Usually the simple "Memo" is taken, so I have to convert to "Mr. Memo" and/or add some numbers to it. Anyway, after a while of chatting in a chatroom called "Guinan's Bar" on, I decided that I needed something a bit more "Trek-oriented" in my name, and "Admiral Memo" was born. I still use it to this day wherever I chat.


Fizbop was created in the fifth grade. A long time ago in a place so far away. An old friend of mine and I really didn't have anyone else have anyone to play with. So we made up a language, and my name somehow translated to Fizbop. I now adapted Fizbop to my Wicca name that I use for just about everything else as well. As for the rainbow colors; the colors not only represent the rainbow. They also define the GBLT (Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, and Transgender) group that I support 100%. Being Bi I let the colors become part of me.


Well the Nick and the Frame I got from my parents. Naraht is the name I use on IRC, so when I first started Seving (long before there were any boards) I decided to use Nick "Naraht" Frame for my punchline entries, just so there would be no question as to who I was. =] I'm also The Old Fart, mainly cause I'm one of the oldest Sevilians in terms of being with Sev (not physically, I'm in the middle) and I remember when John did everything. He picked the winners, he made the decisions, he came up with the ideas.


You see, I have always been sort of a big mouth. I would always say things before I would think about them. One time, me and my little brother were playing Madden NFL 2000™. We were playing season mode and it asked for m coach's name. I thought for a moment and came up with Big Mouth. Later when I came to Sev, I made a post on the SB and tried tho think of a nickname. I thought for a moment and remembered Madden™ and came up with Captain Big Mouth.


"Dhraakellian" came from "The Star Ghost", book #1 in the DS9 chapter book series for young readers. In that book, there was a character known as a "Dhraakellian Questor". At the time, I thought it sounded cool, so I started using it as a name for my Angband characters. When I came to Sev, I was first known as THE Idiot Slayer, but I was told to slay myself too many times :). I gradually took that nick out of use and replaced it first with "Dhraakellian THE Idiot Slayer" and finally withjust "Dhraakellian". I still use "THE Idiot Slayer" when appropriate.
In regards to pronunciation, it was brought to my attention (by Agent-D, I think) that 'dh' is pronounced like the 'th' in "that". At the time, I said that I pronounced "Dhraakellian" with a 'd' sound, but on second thought, it does sound ok with the 'th' sound. You can pronounce it either way; I don't really care. "The 3.1415926535897932384864...ed |er" is a name that I thought up a while back just for the heck of it. It gets used when someone posts a scary math problem on the board.


The name P-feif is a pun derived from my last name Pfeiffer. Here's how P-feif came to be. In the fall of 1986 I started high school, and I joined the Cross Country running team. Every time that we would race, I would break my own best record, so the coach started to call me "The Mad Pfeif" (notice that there is no - in that yet). Well since the name Pfeiffer is German, the P is silent, so it is pronounced feiffer. Well my coach liked to poke fun at you any way he could, and he decide to tease me about the silent P. One day instead of calling me "The Mad Pfeif" he intentionally pronounced the P, and said "The Mad P-feif". Well after a month or so the "The Mad" part got dropped in favor of "P-feif". Next thing you know everyone on the team was calling me P-feif. Soon all of my friends caught wind of the new nick name and they started calling me P-feif. After that, it stuck, I was now P-feif and it has been that way ever since. When I discovered the Sevilian Board I needed a nick name....... It was easy to think of one. And so there you have it, the origin of P-feif.
(hmmm...any relation to Michelle???...(Ed't))


It's.. uh, that is, I hope it's vulcan for 'I am' or more precisely 'I exist'. (Vulcan language doesn't have the verb 'to be')
Kya is 'to exist', the prefix th' means that it's something I do. At least that's how I understood it when I was reading about it some years ago. I've been using it ever since.
So it's really more of a statement than a name, even if it does seem somewhat obvious that I exist (having posted this msg and all *g*). Although, from a philosophical point of view you might call it a rather bold statement...
Ah well, Cogito ergo sum...


Originally this was 24/7, cos I have a reputation for thinking on a 24/7 basis - my brain is permanently wired, or at least was - now it just seems permanently TIRED! There was a girl from Canada who made a brief appearance as The Confused Ne*bie, or YoungWomanManyNames - she changed my nick to what you see now - I kinda liked it - §ev-related - so I kept it! It also might explain my standard sign-off which is "bye-four-now", though that was later changed I think by Sinkau to "two-bye-four".
As for Scary Man(TM), you need to blame Logic and Sinkau Baylan - yes, ladies, you share the responsibility for this one and that's an ORDER, soldiers! {; p Logic started last summer making references to me being a bit frightening, but I reckon it was her own paranoia caused by lack of sleep! From then on, I was referred to as The Scary Man - Sinkau, my adopted-step-daughter, then became Scary Girl (TM) and we have identical colours for it now.
Finally I sometimes post as kikkertje, which is Dutch for "little frog" - I remember being somewhat envious of the name ijsbeertje, which is not only a cool name in itself, but it's also an amazing sound in the Dutch langauge anyway! So Thaïs and I looked around for an animal that would be apt for me - she eventually settled on kikkertje......what can I say........."easy being green, it is not!"


My name. I chose it out of a book. chimera is a mythical greek creature that terrorised what is now turkey, burning villages and eating people. consisting of the head of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail of a dragon chimera was hard to kill, finally slain by the hero bellerophon. I chose Chimera because it has part of a dragon in it - and as anubis will tell you I like dragons :) also it sounded kinda cool :)


Once, in high school art, my friend wanted something to draw, so I told him to draw a gurglesplat (the name just popped into my head). His drawing was totally unsatisfactory (it was a little blobby shape, not unlike the one in the "Spot-the-Sevilians" picture), so I drew one myself. It took me a few days. I have since drawn a much better (or at least, more detailed, and with colour) version of the gurglesplat.
It is a creature that involves a bathtub complete with a piece of bathroom floor (the black tiles of which are windows into deep space), a few metres of plastic piping, a tuba, a fruit-salad plant, a family of cockroaches, various sea life and LOTS of water. When it's thinking, there is also a rainbow. A while ago, it found its way into a story I am writing. It's a very odd creature, but then, so am I.
I thought the gurglesplat encompassed many things about me: my oddness, my stories, the way I think... all sorts of things. Anyway, don't you think it's a cool name?
Oh yes, it's one of those names that doesn't have a capital at the beginning. I know things that have the title "the" should technically have a capital, but the gurglesplat doesn't. It's not The Gurglesplat, it's just the gurglesplat. That probably doesn't make sense, but I don't care.

Atoma Creatress of the Atoms:

I was searching a nickname for myself and, as I hve always been interested in Mythology and fascinated by the old Egyptians, I thought of taking the name of some Egyptiatian God.
(I must admit the beginning is a little similar to Anubis) There are two reasons why I took Aton: first I thought that the part about Echnaton and the monotheistic religion he set up was exspecially interesting and second I wanted my nickname to begin with "A" (as my real name does). So I used the name "Aton" for a while, but it got on my nerves that nearly everybody I met thought I was male - So I began to call myself "Atona"
One day §Sean§ tupoed my name "Atoma" and I liked it (did I...? - §Sean§). At that time many people had long and "powerfull" names like "Robert Underwood: Lord of all Sev" .. Colours also look much better on such long names, therefore the name "Atoma Creatress of the Atoms"

ThunderWolf and Queen Agnes:

The first name I created for myself was The Wolf. When I started posting on the Sevilian Board I used the nick TW, but since it already was taken I had to change name and I changed it to ThunderWolf because my real name means Wolf and I like Thunder. Then I also created ThunderDragon as a secondary name to use on special occations... The third name I use when the other are taken is Atazhaia which is the first of the 17 backup "names" I have...
Queen Agnes was created when she asked ThunderWolf to find out a better name for her then QA (mostly because she was called Quality Assurance the whole time) and the first thing ThunderWolf said was Queen Agnes. ThunderWolf calls his cat Queen Agnes so it was therefore he said it.


Hm... I wonder how many I'll remember... BTW almost all my nicks have double meanings, if not more...
WooHoo: Well this one acutally is from the days before I knew English so well that I realiced it was a joy-cry. I admit, I've been playing with letters. I got loads of nicks on the way "Wessan", "Wossie", "Wo Zi", "The Wess"... so i took it from the Wo.. names and then I wanted to sound a bit mysterious so I used the English word who and it ended up WooHoo. Now the mysterious part kinf of failed...
The Trekie who got Lost: I have a terrible sense of direction. Don't EVER do the fatal mistkae of asking me the way to some place. I've been lost in the Swedish mountains, in Stockholm at night, in I don't know how many forests and so on... It also refers to that this fracked country wouldn't send any trek so i figured i was a trekie lost in a weird country. Now they send Voyager and TOS. Both are on today actually...
Queen of Tetris: I use this when I'm so bored I don't know what to do with myself. Like now i'm so bored I'm actually playing Tetris... well i have a pretty good score too.
(This post is getting long already...)
The Fussy Blue Ball: Well to make a long story short Dummy ended up saying "you're a fussy blue ball" in some context. I think he was explaining some weird computer game... Well blue is, as you might have noticed, my faviourite colour and I over use the word "fuss" and i also think i'm a quite fussy person so the name stuck. This nick sometimes becomes "The fuzzy blue ball".
(Is someone still reading???)
Holder of the Spoon: The, Spoon, ah the Spoon. :-) Well me and Gizmo share an obsession for spoons it's a looooong story. Ask again some time if you really want to know.
Lady of Blue: This one is going to take FOREVER to explain. Well the colour of blue is considered the colour of mercy and spirit so i kind of liked it. It's also from a story I'm trying to get written, it's not going to well though. I'm too lazy.
(If you're reading this then i'm not the only one who's bored here...)
[sev] woohoo: Johan made those colours for me. Heh.. I got a sevman-name that i've never used. I've only run the JS once and i was to stressed to change the nick. Besides I get the ghost thing all the time. :-/ Felia!!!
Princess of Irony: A friend gave this to me.. she thought I'm kind of ironic... *looks innocent*
The One Who(o) Is many: In STFC the borg queen says "I'm the one who is many". It also refers to all those nicks I've got...
Well this are all the nicks I can remember... anyone who knows another one?


Some girls at school kept calling me Joeno. So, when I needed a special name on the net, I just used this one...About the oen... well, the second version of my coloured made it seem to some who had set their monitors to too-little-colours, it looked like oen. Nova said something about it, knowing what it meant, and I slowly started to use it, first as _oen_ in #sevtrek, and during some chat, The Big Oen came around. The name stayed, and when I won a second set of coloured names for myself, for The Big Oen (which got the same colours as my third version of Joeno) and well, that's that...


I wrote (hmm.. wrote isn't the right word... I haven't ever actually written it down) a story and one of the charcaters in it (an alien...) is called Renmida Tinnari, and the Rekani (kinda like a Kai I guess...) calls her The Trideos and I like how it sounds so I used it. It means The Third Minion of Treachery, which explains that nickname... and §pamela started with the mailing list... I sent everyone loads of spam when I first got my sevspace addie and then Johan created the mailing list, and I was called the Guilty One, and i invented §pamela cos well... it makes sense, right? And then Becky added the creative additions to the name! :+)


......for SezC, I got the Sez part from one of my friends at school. she calls me sezza, so i shortened that to Sez. the C part is the first letter of my last name. and as for the big S, littel e, little z then the big C.... look at this....
worked it out?
as for the SevC, ThunderDragon(i think that's who it was) suggested it when i was §evman one week...
now you know the story behind my names......hope i didn't bore ya!


my real name is Lieve, Eveil got it.
For the people who wants to know what my real name means.....Lieve: sweet, dear, nice,.....

Little green man:

Originally my nick was §Sean§ as I couldn't think of a damm thing. So I asked how to do the sev logo on the computer (alt+ 21) and then put them around my name..stunning originality there...

Then I came up with the idea of being a "little green man as I had drawn a cartoon of one, like this --> and the name sort of stuck.
As for the "3rd oarsman starboard bow of the pharoah's royal barge" that came from when I set up Sevilization and I had a...'few'...'small'...errors in it...anyway, I kept having to fix things and then got into denying that they were ever there in the first place (ala JC...) and then I got into denying it without having to say that I was in Egypt.(denial - river in Egypt - geddit?!) One of the ways was as "3rd oarsman etc..." and Dolphin suggested that I keep that one for an alternative. (BTW - if you go to the Pharoah's royal barge picture on the Cartoons/Fun stuff page of Sevilization you'll see that my name points to the 3rd oarsman!)


This is from my (horrendously out of date) Sev Forward profile:
"...At night, you will look up at the stars. Mine is too small to point out to you. It is better that way. For you, my star will be just one of many stars. That way, you will love watching all of them...They will all be your friends..." (from "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery)
This passage was the basic inspiration behind the name "littlestar". I'm rather proud of it.


This is the annotated version because I lost the original right at the end!
Anubis: Use this name alot. Why? Studying archaeology at uni, like ancient religions, myths, legends that kind of thing particularly Egyptian. Have reputation for being evil, what better that Egyptian God of the dead?
Jackal Head: Endearing insult. First used by TFS (two-four-§ev) for some reason probably an argument!
Anarfis: Second most used name. Coined by Trideos reasons unknown, I probably annoyed her! Narf is a word associated with the SB and a certain TV lab rat eventhoughDummysaysithasnothingtodowiththathethoughtofithimself! Usually used when I am posting something stupid, or when only a Narf will do, magic name you see!Ani, Nu: Both started by Smiley. As she is a student she is too lazy to write out my name in full!
Anu Wan: Inspired by Teddy Llama. Variation on Obi Wan. Used when talking to Two-four about matter of great importance or involve the use of the Farce. Also used when I'm feeling enlightened, i.e bored!
Anubis Holmes: Rare name use it occasionally. Usually when there is a mystery on the board or I am observing something.
Anpu: Disputed proper name of Anubis. Only used by Trideos when she wants to annoy me! Its not a good idea!

e of Pi:

In the beginning (two years ago), when we had only two boards, and one of them was the old GBA-class, and when names you didn't hear since were rampaging the boards, I came into space. Back on those days, I was known simply by "Shlamko", which is my e-mail name. But then someone told me it's not quite original.
Well, on those days I was having a flamewar with 8 of 12. He was suicidal and I was laughing about it. And on those days I was starting to study dif&int calc, and we learnt about the irrational numbers.
So, after the flamewar have ended, I was looking on 8's name and thought "hey, this is a nice name!". But in order to personalize it, I used irrational numbers instead of normal ones. and so, e of PI have born!

Robert Underwood Lord of all §ev:

Robert Underwood: Lord of All §ev--This name has an interesting story behind it. Way back when the §evilian Board didn't exist and we all posted on the Discussion Board, I got bored one day and I decided to threaten the board. I arrived in my spaceship and declaired myself the Lord of All §ev and fought everyone here in a seven-post storyline, each post being made once a day. I fought everyone with my §evinators, but they kept coming, so I unleashed the §evolia, which is a weapon so powerful that it destroyed all of §evspace. I just love it when the bad guys win!:) Afterwards, the name sorta stuck, and I asked if I could get a colored name for it after I had received my second colored name, but since I was only allowed to have two, I changed the colored name "Robert Underwood" to "Robert Underwood: Lord of All §ev".
Robwood--This name doesn't have such a big story behind it. When I was a more frequent visitor here, I posted stories that I wrote, which you can read by going to my website, and one fateful day U§§ ferryboat (boy I miss her) just said out of the blue that my stories were Robwood stories, and I thought it would be nice to post as Robwood for when I brought my stories to the board, so she made it happen.


Dummy was trying to pronounce my name (Thaïs Baert) and he came up with ijsbeertje, what is Dutch and means polar bear

Jor - Wizard of Sha-ka-ree:

1) Way back, just after Al Gore invented the internet (*G*) I frequented a chatroom at , and went through many different nicknames in a very short period. One of the other chatters coined the name "Wizard of Sha-ka-ree" for me because of that (don't ask me why!) and I liked the name :)
2) Sha-ka-ree is as you know the planet where Sybok went to look for Eden, and it's just a cool name (coined from Sean Connery who was supposed to be Sybok).


I'm crazy about Star Trek. I love many species, including the Borg. When I joined §ev, I was searching for a nickname. I though: "Hmmm, I'm human. Why not call myself like the Borg called us in Voyager's 'Dark Frontier'?" The Borg call us species 5618, so I decided to call myself 5618.=%-))
Drafor the Almighty Dwarf is a name I made up myself, inspired by A, D & D and J.R.R. Tolkien.


I used to use the name Hunter on a small network with some friends (Jackal and Omega 23), but I needed another name on the net. The less human an alien is, the better I like him/her. A great example is the predator, 'cause it sees humans as game. Hirogen are similar. Plus it gives me an excuse to use my Tetryon-Trout-Disruptor!


Well, my dearest best friend, Trideos/§pamela/the Third Minion of Treachery, thought of it for me! And I liked it - there's a constellation called Eridanus, so it reminded me of that, and I love stars...and she thought of it for me, so it was special! :-) Incidentally, it's pronounced, ERIDAHNAYS - just saying that cos my mom first thought it was eridanes, as in dane!So there you go! :-)

Rejected by the Borg:

Well... When I was a little boy I had a long period with fascination for Western Movies and specially Indian names. Like Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, Snake In The Grass... Itīs something very appeling with a tradition that allows you to be given a new name after major events in your life.
When I first found Sev I didnīt contributed for a while, so I didnīt have a name.
When I made my first contributions to the IB and the DB I used various names. I made them up for each occation, one or two might have apperad more than once but that was mostly lazyness. I didnīt considered myself a "regular" yet. But this was a short period.
When I realised I had become a "regular" I decided to take on a more permanent name. I knew I wanted a name that I could toy around with. A name that I could change parts of, people still knowing it was me. After a while I came up with "Rejected by the Borg". It can be toyed with at both ends; "Rejected by the XXX", "Detected", "Reflekted", "Neglected", "Inspected" and so forth. Suits my kind of humour.
Before I came up with Rejected by the Borg I was leaning towards two other names which I couldnīt decide between. I never used them. And this was just a period of days. But one of them was "e of pi"!!! I became very surprised when that name was taken just a short time later!
At the end of last year I had a short period where I thought of changing my name again. I felt that it had became worn out. But circumstances made me forget about it. And now I have become a more regular (it seems) visitor here on the SB and have been given Colours... so I think Iīll stick with Rejected...