On this page you will find links to a series of Tutorials that try to explain how I go about colouring the comic lineart that I do for a hobby. I hope this will answer some of the many questions that people ask me about this!

The tutorial on "Cici" is an edited version of the tutorial that will appear in a new book by Michael Burns titled "Digital Sci Fi Art", published by Harper Collins in the USA and by Ilex in the United Kingdom. The book is due to be published in August of 2004. Michael Burns is also the author of two other books on digital art and both can be found on Amazon.com.

Also if you see something on a picture of mine and want to know how I did it, then send me and email and I'll try to explain.

Sean AT seanellery DOT com

cheers Sean

1. Cici Tutorial - how to colour.

2. Muscles using Gradients.

3. Rusty Metal using a Texture.